19 April 2011


I'll bet you thought I was lost forever. Au contraire, but I am posting on a new blog site...

http://wordsofbarrett.wordpress.com so please, join me at the new site.

Doris Rose MacBean AKA Barrett

27 April 2010

More Photo's

Finally, longer days and a real belief in warmer days...soon.

don't forget Dalwhinnie the watchful, ...with one little drop of water on the bridge of her nose.
AND the babies! (grass is a inch or two)
...and Another one!
Sunshine brings out the bunnies
Limited visibility.
The frozen tundra in Spring!

Notheastern view of the Santa Fe Mountains 60 miles away.

Happy Days are here again.

12 April 2010

Official Announcement

(not sure what these are, but they're always first)>>

I *think* I can safely say that spring has crawled into the high desert. How do I know this? I really don't, but I have good reeasons to believe.

I have seen:

1. 3 robins

2. baby bunnies

3. 3 lizards

4.1 beetle

5. 1 hornet

6.heard 1 grasshopper

7. small tufts of green grass

In addition, I think I've heard a couple of song birds AND...the temps have reached th 70's.

It isn't wise to become overly optomistic until mid May, but I did go outside without boots!

Life is good on the prairie.

It would be better if my car battery hadn't died and if my taxes were finished, but hey, can't have everything.

Thanks for checking in, you two.

Natalie Dessay rehearsing in Santa Fe 2008

Sempre libra Millenium park 2008

La Sonnambula Finale

Dessay in Santa Fe