22 April 2007

Bonnie Joe MacBean

John & Carly

At this very moment, it is 82° in Cancún, and since he has chosen to spend the week there, I'm going to write about my little brother Johnny. (aka Bonnie Joe MacBean).
Although he is two years younger, when we were kids, people thought we were twins--much to his dismay. In spite of this, I always believed that I was adopted, and that he was the favorite child. He used this fact for much of his life to torment the snot out of me.
Since I was the older child, the one "who knew better" I was the one that got punished. He would tease me until I was insane and lashed out by throwing, hitting or screaming. This resulted in a broken window once, when I threw a shoe at him.oops. "But Mom, it's not my fault, he made me do it!" "Jeannie, you are older and should know better."

To be fair, when he was a bit younger-in fact, when he was brought home from the hospital, I gently began the practice of teaching him submission. When he was a few days old (I am told), my mother found her two year old daughter sitting in his crib, when asked what I was doing, I replied simply. "I was sitting on Johnny's lap." For several years after that, he could be depended on to wait on me for my every whim*, sadly, that phase didn't last long enough and he became the evil tormentor. Nobody could tease, like he did.

But,I also have a faint memory of him getting in trouble at school, defending my honor, when somebody made fun of me. Thus began a history of bonding that has continued to this day. My brother is one of my best friends. And I have no doubt that if there was anything I needed -ever- I could call him.

Heck, I don't even have to call him, for my 60th birthday he flew out from Wisconsin to surprise me. We had a fabulous weekend, and I will never forget it. Last year, we traveled together to Scotland, along with the Wicked Thistle, and Her Royal Mum. It was a trip of a lifetime and the most time we have ever spent together for many years.

Bonnie Joe is an extraordinary travel companion; pleasant, amiable, thoughtful,helpful, accommodating and pretty darn funny. I would happily vacation with him any time. I can say those nice things, because he's not here to hear them. I guess, Little Bro is about the best a sister could ask for, Hasta luego, bro.


Wicked Thistle said...

DAMN, that man is handsome! For starters, I know of no one who lives a life with more enthusiasm than your brother. Carpe diem, to be sure; he is an inspiration. Secondly, I laughed me arse off at your thought that you were adopted and he was the favorite! I remember this childhood belief well, but alas, I had *five* others that I could peg as more favored than I (is that correct grammar?).

Really, really good stuff!

Moi: said...

What a lovely tribute! You two obviously have a loving and supportive relationship and that is SO majorly cool. And of course, we appreciate the eye candy photos!

Carly Barrett said...

I love that picture so much... Someday parker and I will be close like you guys, even if I have to stab him with my love dagger :)

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