12 April 2007

Dawg Daze

Let's talk about dog butts. The reason: that is how I begin each day with two furry butts backed up to me (we have a small pack and must snuggle for warmth, because alpha dog leaves the window open). Next item on the agenda is our morning constitutional, where I spend a half-hour to 45 minutes walking behind two behinds.
Now, I think they're pretty darn cute trotting ahead of me and ears flapping and tails wagging. My darling, Duchess of Dinkus (affectionately nicknamed "Miss Thang") has a Duracell implanted somewhere in her tail, because it wags constantly-on a walk, in a car, in a house or in a bar. Seriously, I don't take her into bars, but I was feeling a little "Green eggs and ham".
Princess Poppy, a.k.a. "Tundra Dog" trots with a little more subterfuge, kinda like she's on a mission (I guess, she's thinkin' about who needs Killin'), ears flicking back and forth-she is hypervigilant.
Anyway, I follow them as fast as I can (no, not very fast, because I am looking for pebbles, rocks and holes-and sometimes snakes). This morning, I let them run for a while-keep in mind, their two retractable leash's are tethered together, so they can't run far without wrapping around cactus or a Yucca and I have to set them free. We ran around the North 40 or should I say 180, enjoying the peace and quiet-which we may not have long to do. The man who owns the property has finally decided to subdivide and build. There have been survey trucks driving around for weeks, and I expect to see roadwork beginning soon. It makes me sad because I moved out here for the privacy, but also knew that one day the area would be more developed. Progress. The houses won't all go up this summer, it will take years. And I'm sure it will be very nice. But it also means more traffic, more noise and more dust. c'est la vie.

Right now, my two canine rumpuses are fed watered and napping. There is no greater joy for me than unconditional puppy love, sigh.

For those of you who may be interested in my epic saga of retirement. I received important papers yesterday from the Social Security administration telling me that I am entitled to monthly benefits, starting in June of 2007, but not to expect the check until July 18 and I should anticipate a check the third Wednesday of each month. Hmmm, we'll see how that goes. There is also three pages of other stuff and two brochures that I didn't read. Save that for a rainy day.
Then! More fun. I received a new debit card from Wells Fargo, that has a new contact-less feature. I just have too swipe the card-no pin, no signature badabing, badaboom. More confirmation that I'm actually retired.
Still feels kind of funny, I feel like I've got a "snow day", that has lasted for three months. I am truly enjoying "my time." But yesterday, I had some kind of misplaced guilt and made a feeble attempt to look at job openings that Presbyterian might be offering and there were two PRN spots in hospice-but not home care, so I logged off.

I don't have any structure right now and that's okay and I am not destitute enough to have to look for a job. I am not bored enough at home that I need to do volunteer work. And I'm not motivated to do any major house projects. I guess, I'm still a little bit like a fish out of water, and it will take more getting used to. For now, I'm going to go love-on Miss Thang until she has to play with me.

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