20 April 2007

Freaky Friday

TGIF, you wouldn't think a person without a schedule would be glad it was Friday, but I am. one sure thing, I have pissed away a whole day online.

I finally dragged my ass into the greater city of Edgewood to pick up a prescription, put gas in the car, and pick up some Chinese food. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my old friend Thistle, and she's almost here. So I had to hurry home, chop up some cheese and pour some whisky. House looked like a damn hurricane hit it, but- it's all about being real.nyuk, we had a delicious, silly time.
I didn't spend the entire day blogging, I actually googled and downloaded a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I am sure that I had those in school, but don't remember and I'm here to tell you we've got us some serious grounds against our current government.

I also read some op-ed pieces on the current tragedies surrounding us, and one funny blog. (Thank you Applegal.There is soo little humor).

I also so spent a fair amount of time taking silly pictures, some of which I will include. I am trying to get more comfortable with the macro setting on my camera. Some of the detail is amazing. And speaking of amazing, Amazon reports that my camera is en route from California-which means it probably won't be here for a week, although it could be here by Monday, if DHL is on the ball, but I will wait until next Friday-- with excitement building. So I'm going to include some pictures and go eat my egg foo young-sorry Tisley, I should have shared. Well, you got the whisky. So here are my adventures in macro land...

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Moi: said...

So this is scary. Yesterday, your Virtual Valentine, S.B., downloaded the Bill of Rights and pasted them up on the wall of his office, mumbling something about how easy it is to forget where we come from. Hmmm . . . I so do wish ALL the natives would get as restless.

Love the eyeball photos. In fact, I envision for you, a whole series of eyeballs. Just one caveat: beware the flash!

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