24 April 2007


I think that the changes in barometric pressure make my brain crazy, yup, pretty sure that's it. As we speak, there is a confab going on my gray matter. It's like the United Nations, without the translator service, lots of voices, all speaking different languages at different rates of speed and volume.
It is a neighborhood I would recommend avoiding. I, however, do not have that luxury. I do not even have the option of escaping because we're having another weird weather day-rain, snow, sleet, sun, and of course, wind.
This has been a very bizarre spring. I took the dogs out this morning wearing a winter parka and was assaulted teeny-tiny ice particles that I would qualify as hail-but was probably more like sleet. Even the dogs didn't like it.

Okay that was a tangent. Now let's talk about retirement. I have lately been thinking about the ways in which my life has changed now that I'm no longer required to arrange my day around "the job".
So here's what I know. First of all, I don't have to pick out a cute outfit and wonder about how my hair looks and is my makeup okay and do my earrings match and what can I make for lunch-quickly.whew.
I still get up, take the dogs out, come in and make coffee, and the rest is up to me, and as you know, it usually begins at the computer with my dear personal friends-Ree and Rena.
Here are some of the benefits than I am enjoying immensely: my cute outfit is usually a theme and variations on a tank top and sweats, I don't wear makeup, I don't fuss with my hair, I don't have to pick out earrings-in fact, sometimes, I actually go into greater Edgewood, dressed like that!

And to think I used to make fun of women who went to Smith's in their pajamas and slippers. I am perilously close to that point, but I still feel I need the dignity of wearing shoes; if for no other reason, and I might need to pursue my dogs.
I have no overwhelming need to clean house, because I don't entertain. Since I am home 24/7, I can spend a lot more time messing things up-by that, of course, I mean, beginning new projects.
I cook more often than I used to, and have had to resort to using paper plates to avoid running a dishwasher too much. I seem to have more laundry, but I think that's because I play with puppies more often and find myself covered with dog hair.
Because I am not required to, I don't talk very often. (I think probably, I do talk out loud when I think, I am only thinking.) I hate having to make phone calls or "business calls" to banks, insurance companies, Social Security, stores, etc. because it requires me to be pleasant and cheerful. I much prefer silence, I don't even listen to music very often.
The good news about that is that it has enabled me to focus more on writing and learning to express myself through another medium, which requires a little more thought and planning. I'm afraid none of that involves any improvement in my grammatical skills.

The upside might well be that I'm learning to write and think in more complete sentences than was previously required of me in the writing of medical notes.
In any case, I am enjoying the process. I feel no burning desire to be trudging out the door to a 9-to-5 job or even a part-time job. I would, instead, prefer to focus more on making house and home more comfortable, more livable and more enjoyable with a deliberate focus on comfort and creativity. (I would also like to make it crocodile proof.)

that's my goal, and I'm sticking to it.


Moi: said...

Okay, now how precious is that baby photo of you? I need me a copy . . .

Sounds like you are taking your newly adventurous life status and rolling with it. And the last sentence of your last paragraph made me laugh so hard I sucked water though my nose.

A.Fanny said...

Questions: What was the name of the little lamb in the pic? SO cute! Did your folks call you Jeannie ( I think I remember your mom using that name??) or some other nick name? I would also like to see a blog done in the medical short-hand style that you have honed over these last decades. Please show us! I imagine something like "got up, peed (4th time since 10PM), walked dogs, thought about schopenhauer relationship to wagner - spec. act 2 tristan." Like that? I would also enjoy hearing how you might use the word penumbra in a local Edgewood bar.

Moi: said...

a.fanny has some good ideas.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, just because our attire du jour is now Relaxed Retiree, we still do not go into Edgewood in our slippers! 'Cause honey, when none of us still "feel (we) need the dignity of wearing shoes," it will be the fall of Civilization as we know it.

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