14 April 2007

Time wasting

It is absolutely unbelievable how much time a person can waste on the Internet. I had every intention of doing some quick blogging, and then proceeding on with my day--well, it's really Rena's fault, she thought we should nominate each other for awards.

So... I had to go check it out, which led me to several other blogs-political blogs, picture blogs, comedy blogs and then before I knew it... I was in Adobe Photoshop. And now most of the day is gone and I am going out tonight and I won't be ready and...

Well, see part of the problem is the fact that I read a wonderful story about "Addie" who was Marlboro Man's, great, great, great grandmother. And there were these marvelous pictures of her and her house and her husband and children from a hundred years ago. So then I started thinking of my small family and the lack of pictures I have, and then there was Thistle's blog about her Mum and her birthday... so that's how I ended up messing around with pictures. And now I have some with which I can write about my peeps, but I don't have time today. I will include one.

This was my Grandfather-Rev. George P.Magill

But it was an interesting experiment, and now I'm anxious to learn how to use Photoshop. I read with great interest, Rees' article about her digital SLR camera, and she showed how she gets some of her special effects. So that's why I'm playing with this.
Digital photography is really an amazing field, because there are so many things to manipulate without spending money-and what girl doesn't like that!
I'm going to post this and see the picture transfers. [total waste of time-didn't work]


Moi: said...

What a handsome devil! I see now where you and your bro get your looks. You go, girl. You get yourself one a them fancy-schmancy digital SLR and do it for those of us who have not one iota or smidgen of time left in our day to cram one more thing in.

~MAGILL~ said...


Rose Washington said...

I was so happy to see your posted picture of Rev. George P. Magill. He was married to my great-grandfather's sister, Olive Ogilvie. I have quite a few pictures of her and her two children, James and Margaret, one or two that include George, and some other unidentified pictures that I assume are related to the Ogilvies somehow. If you're interested in copies and possibly helping me identify some of the mystery photos, I'd love to communicate with you. Please contact me at christy@vcn.com

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