01 April 2007

An uneventfull Sunday without the park...

To be truthful, I'm still pretty annoyed about losing the fabulous blog I wrote yesterday.But today is a new day so I will suck it up and do it again. My original idea had to do with the discussion of the weather changes, unique to the high desert, but today is a sunny warm and beautiful, a perfect spring day.
Today, my focus is on technology. "Why, would a person choose Palm Sunday, to be focused on technology?" Good question, and now that I read that sentence, I realize that my time would be much better spent focusing on Palm Sunday.
However, it is relevant because today's the day that I was to begin my new cell phone coverage and my portal will change at 1:37 p.m. and I was instructed to call a 800 number and switch over my service. Well, nobody mentioned that I actually have to speak to a human being, and the call center is not open on Sunday, duh. So tragedy upon tragedy, effective at 1:37pm, I will not have cell phone use until Monday. This is really no big deal, but I'm still annoyed. I have spent considerable time transferring data to my new phone; it is cute and little, and I would like to use it-especially since it has Bluetooth technology (which I don't get at all-I guess it's wireless wireless?). wait...Bingo! I just paired the Bluetooth earpiece to my phone, isn't a terrific and wouldn't it be nice if I could actually use it.(just let it go.)

Be that as it may, I will not be able to use my new phone. You may visualize serious pout right now.

As much as I think I would like to simplify my life; decludicate*, the unnecessary debris from my home. I am simply a ho for new gizmos and gadgets. And I know full well whenever I buy one of these things that I will have to read a 200 page manual to figure out how to use it, and since I am a visual learner,this will be a gigantic pain in the butt cheeks. And still... I do it.
Okay I'm done with that. I have spent the first two months of my retirement, hanging out, doing what I want and spending very little time in my car. All that has changed this weekend, since I drove in to see a show on Friday night and have a delightful dinner with a friend; I drove to Santa Fe yesterday to spend the afternoon with a friend and I will be driving to Madrid this afternoon to have brunch. I tell you I am exhausted. In addition, I find that I have a new malady (or, as I am now calling it "numality") which is hoarseness. I don't feel I need to rush to the emergency room. However, I find it interesting thatI'm hoarse after "talking" for two days. I guess that's another thing that happens when you stay home and don't talk to people,your voice can get rusty.

Well that's boring. Since I am clearly, uninspired I will end this so that I can go read the blogs written by the clever people.
*this will be an excellent topic for another day, if only I can remember.

ps this is "Dalwhinnie"


Rena said...

I hear ya, girlfriend. Gratification of all new gadgets must come instantly! I wish you much luck in this pursuit of yours and hats off to you for being able to wade through manuals.

Love the photo of Ms. Thang. Goofy gus that she is. Which, I must reiterate, does not mean that I believe her to be stupid. Far from the contrary. Her goofiness is simply an indication of her personality, which to me is like a big sparkling glass of champagne. Whereas Tundra Dog Poppy is more like, uh, a quick shot of whiskey. Right before she decides whether or not you need killin.'

Wicked Thistle said...

Does "far from the contrary" really mean that applegal thinks your dog is actually, um, a little *dense*? Cuz what she says is that she believes that Dalwhinnie is "far from the contrary" of stupid. Well, the contrary of stupid is smart, and if she's far from that, well...never mind.

Forgive me, applegal. I grew up with 5 siblings, and sometimes that just turns ya mean.

Moi: said...

All righty then, substitute either "far from it" or "to the contrary."

Ya happy now, Ms. Editor Pants?

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