26 June 2007

I'm at a loss...

"If there's one New York City hotel that's ubiquitous these days, at least for me, it's the venerable Waldorf-Astoria.
.......I'm not sure what those famous guests eat/ate when they stay there, but I do know that when President George Bush stays at the hotel, he likes to order bologna sandwiches on white bread with mayonnaise, with Doritos on the side. Apparently that counts as a special order since the hotel doesn't stock Wonder Bread, the President's favorite."

---FoodandWine.com Kate Krader June 25, 2007 03:55 PM


Wicked Thistle said...

I won't defend the man on much, but I do have his back on the Doritos. They have *crunch,* man.

Moi said...

Well, that just explains it all right there, doesn't it?

In a similar vein: I was in the grocery store today to pick up a few things and noticed the cart in front of me, pushed by a harried looking woman with two screaming young boys, was filled with nothing but crap – white bread, five six packs of different kinds of no-name soda, bacon, Jimmy Dean sausage, a sack of mini candy bars, iceberg lettuce, etc., etc. Not a vegetable or whole grain or lean meat to be found. I just wanted to shake her and say: "White bread, corn syrup, and trans fats are BAD, m'kay?"

Dizzy said...

No taste! Gross white stuff!

Wicked Thistle said...

Now I'm just wishing I had some Doritos.

Orangeblossoms said...

Nothing about George W. Bush makes me want to do anything but gag.... and this new factoid is totally unsurprising, whilst being disgusting.... Thanks for shedding even more light on our undernourished, under-intellectual, underachieving national leader. grrr.

Hey-- I added you to my favorites list!


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