21 June 2007

Solstice and Swamp cooler, ahhh

This is a beautiful tomato

this is the sticker on the beautiful tomato...........
...are you kidding me?!
Lawsey we creepin' inta some weird territoy when they abertizin' on fruit, thas what I think, uh huh.
Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, but is there advertising on everything now? And what kid is reading a tomato sticker?

Moving on. I received an invitation yesterday to create my own special aquarium using only a Ziploc bag and toothpaste with pretty fish stickers on the outside. Simple enough instructions, however, after squeezing the toothpaste into the bag and squishing it around, I added water, so my little plastic fish would grow to 600 times their size.
The results were less than spectacular, and then every read the directions so I tried again. Nice idea, but he didn't exactly float my boat, no pun intended. I did try just putting gel in the bag (note my lobster), but without water he did not get very big. (Today the fish are huge and I have to throw them back.

I have a long and storied history with small aquariums that all began right here.

And that is a story for another time, but it always brings a smile to my lips and a chuckle to my belly, ah Kenrick.

Speaking of smiles, I have a new neighbor (flea infested, no doubt), who is quite adorable. He has chosen to live directly in front of my windows with one entrance in front of my computer desk and one entrance in front of the guest room window, no doubt so that Dalwhinnie has some entertainment.
The bunny appears to be nonplussed by a gigantic dog, looking down at him, and prefers to sun himself at the burrow entrance. He couldn't be more than eight to 10 inches long, jus' a lidda baby (but flea infested, no doubt).And he doesn't appear to be camera shy.

well, *Butch* is here...I'd better throw on some lipstick and pumps...


Moi said...

Er, did someone say lipstick and pumps (perks up instantly)?

Seriously, Disney is another corporation I so DO NOT HEART. And advertising on vegetables just further dis-endears me to their whole fake happy-happy, joy-joy world.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Something MUST be done.

Wicked Thistle said...

Let's kill 'em. And burn their bodies on a non-flame retardant mattress.

Doris Rose said...

who do we want to kill????

A.Fanny said...

I love hearing from Wicked's mind on these weekdays when the Sabbath is far off.

The "fish" photos are laugh out loud.

Moi said...

Wicked sure does put the thistle in the wicked, doesn't she? Or would that be the wicked in the thistle? Never mind. But yes, it's fun to watch her get all cranky and shit. And then atone for her sins with one of her reverent Sunday-time peace love and green beans blogs . . .

Wicked Thistle said...

There are many, many people living in this Wicked body. And they all heart you guys. :)

(hug, hug, smooch, smooch, peace-love-rock-n-roll and green beans for all! more wine, anyone?)

Dizzy said...

I looked at my tomato sticker for the first time! It said: Made in America. (no ears)

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