16 August 2007

Idle minds....

Yes! the Devil's workshop!
When I left this morning to run some errands,

I left 2 dogs in the house and 1 dog in the yard-

all chewing contentedly on rawhides.

When I returned, I was greeted as I walked in, by --not 2 dogs, but 3!

"But Doris Rose", you say, "HOW could that possibly happen?!"

Well, of course, this is pure speculation...but as I had left the patio door open approximately 3" for ventilation, and when I returned the door was wide open, someone (She who shall remain nameless)-must have pushed it all the way open, after ripping the screen door-thiry-seven-ways from Sunday !!#%^*!
THEN JUMPED over the reinforced lower section! which stands 3" high and is heavy duty wire. Now, I'm not saying who might be suspect...but one must ASSUME that newcomers; left on the outside, while playmates were on the inside,might just be a little tempted to alter their situation...if you get my drift.
...and just last week I was complaining about fingerpainting...imagine.

ahh to be young and stoopid. (Someone is now hiding under a table--doesn't seem to like the lower-register-disapproving-voice. get over it, dope.)

In two weeks my dear brother will come to visit and wasn't it just 2 years ago he was here repairing the same screen and applying extra heavy duty wire mesh, hmmm.
Damn good thing I don't have to worry about a job, on top of everything else.


Wicked Thistle said...

But the view from your mangled screen is still breathtakingly gorgeous, my dear! St. Francis never said it was easy, did he?

A.Fanny said...

Can't wait to meet the little rascal!

moi said...

That photo of Sweetie under the bed is too funny. That's a dog for ya: one minute wreaking holy hell, the next, hiding in shame about it.

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