10 September 2007

an empty house

A lovely week has come to an end.
My brother arrived on Friday morning, we toured and ate, and yakked,and did chores, and played on the computer, and played with dogs.

It was a great visit.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and Taos were breathtaking; Northern New mexico has extraordinary scenery.

We had a get together Friday night to meet some of my COWW friends, it was a great evening and Sweetie went for her "sleep over" to see if she would like a new home.
There was also a fair amount of down time for R&R
(Somebody needed to work on his tan)

Saturday My Bro returned to Wisconsin and Sweetie went to a new home and all is quiet at the Manse.

Today my friend called to say that Sweetie and sneaked out under a fence on Sunday morning and had not returned. I took my 2 dogs in to help look for her. After a couple of hours we stopped looking. She will go out later today.
Please say a prayer that she
is safe and reurns home soon.


moi said...

Ack. Good news - your brother rocks. And bad - Sweetie is gone! Friend should start looking at the pounds, pronto!

Orangeblossoms said...

oh.... sweetie! hope she comes home soon....

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