24 October 2007

Day Three

Day three has been much less aggravating, by design. I was still being-cranky-about-the-electrician at 2:30 in the morning but finally let that go and got some much-needed sleep.
When I took the dogs out. I examined the work that had been accomplished the day before and was relieved that it was done. There were several things that I would like to have had done differently, but I chose not to stand out there all day and carp like a fish wife. Mostly they are things that I can tidy up later.
Glenn arrived a new helper of this morning, because Kevin-the previous helper- apparently woke up with his eyes swollen shut-I have no clue what that's all about.
The foam padding was put on the floor and allowed to dry then this afternoon the motor unit and the benches went in; as we speak, there is water running into the pool-both hot and cold probably cold by now.
Today is a warm day was no wind, so it is not terribly uncomfortable and I don't think the boys will get frostbite. All that is left(ha) is to run the pipes for the pumps, the hydraulic switches and the freeze protector. An estimate is that they will be finished sometime tomorrow, and that the water temperature should reach 80° by Saturday... Yahoo!
There will be much cleanup to do, and I'm hoping to have some help this weekend. Mostly breaking down cardboard boxes and bagging up plastic wrappers. I will need to paint the storage box, and hopefully we can get that in the back of a truck or on a large dolly and moved around behind the garage. I will then add some hinges, and it will be ready for storage or company. (I could easily fit a twin bed in there). I will also need to add some trim around the top of the coping in some sort of skirting.
Stay tuned for a special Wednesday bonus clip to be added.

1 comment:

Wicked Thistle said...

Regarding Kevin's swollen eyes: was that the curse you placed on him?? Hmm?

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