31 October 2007

Happy Halloweeny

I have been trying for four hours to get this dadgum blog written and *stuff*just keeps gettin' in the way.

First off, I'd like to tell you about the strange package, I received yesterday. When I got home from running errands there was a package on the doorstep-which did not surprise me since I was expecting something from eBay (I am becoming a serious addict). I brought the box into the house, opened it and what to my wondering eyes should appear... but a Pelican! I don't know where it came from the attached paper, says "Hope you enjoy your new aquatic Center". Heck Fire, who knew I had an aquatic Center? Well, I'm sure someone who recognized Dorie and Nemo or...or it's another fine gift from Endless Pools. So thanks to whoever sent this; I'm sure I will come up with an appropriate name.
Happy Halloween to those of you dressed funny and acted weird;since I almost always dress funny (my mother would be so embarassed*) and act weird, this is just another day. Years of working as a nurse and therefore working most holidays-has created quite a "just another day" syndrome.

I'm afraid most holidays don't mean anything more than additional work. Since I don't have a lot of drop-in business, I don't usually decorate much. I will say that my Christmas tree is up and ready to be lit, why you ask? Because I needed the room in the garage, duh. I won't start lighting it until November 1st, but I love twinkley-lights and leave the tree up far longer than most people.
November 1st, also marks the beginning of Nanowrimo which is 30 days of intense writing in order to produce 50,000 words. I mention this because my blogging will very likely take a hit and I apologize in advance.

I may use pictures as filler or old writing samples, cartoons or other wastes-of-your-time. In addition to the fact that I will be brain-dead and distracted, I will also be departing on Saturday for my annual pilgrimage to Belize for sunshine, seashore and palm trees. I use this time wisely to jumpstart my writing, because there are no distractions and I enjoy the quasi-notoriety of telling people that I'm writing a novel; which in fact, I am doing. That does not see the glowing light of a publishers eyes is another story.
Now, my beloved pool. It is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I overdid the first day and have since slowed down and I am reaching my comfort level. When that is accomplished, I will incrementally increase the speed at which I swim. I choose to swim in the late afternoon, because that's usually about the time I hit the wall-I get overtired and want to snack; swimming provides a little Energizer. The garage is maintaining a comfortable temperature in the water is 86°- heavenly. I'm still working to get the chemistry figured out, and it is tricky. Our water is notoriously hard and water company provides tons of softener salt. Then I filter it with potassium. I am told, the trick is to get the alkalinity in balance and then the pH will follow. Steep learning curve-again.
Life is good for her highness, and her loyal minions.

* remind me of my first surprise-birthday story.


Wicked Thistle said...

Ooh, pelicans on your doorstep...you are steeped in mystery, Doris Rose.

moi said...

That pelican is awesome cute! It certainly has that retro look about it, as if it did come direct from eBay (of which I am, as you know, a HUGE fan).

Gulp. Did you have to say "NaNo"? It begins tomorrow and am I ready, willing, and able? Yes. And no.

~MAGILL~ said...

Enjoy and Name the big bird we talked about it ...

the boats will be closer to Xmas..

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