13 November 2007

First day in San Pedro

I arrived a bit tired (how can 4hours of flying take 10 hours??). I was not met at the air field,found a cab, checked in and was surprised to find major construction in progress. Remember the picture of Ernesta's writing booth in the corner...? (see post prior to departure) It's gone.

Replaced by noisy workers with...yes, you noticed, jackhammers!!
They were going to enlarge the bar, hence-no restaurant, no bar and obviously--No pool!! HRH Doris Rose is not happy.

And I had a sneaky feeling that there weren't too many other guests...

So, not only was there no quiet place to sit and put my wonderous thoughts on paper, there was simply no place quiet to sit!

I was mercifully rescued by my friend Kenrick and taken for a golf cart tour, which was delightful.

This is the town center, which has a large playground for the kids, benches for grown ups, snack stands and information booths. (and a newly paved street--those are hand laid paving stones, yup).

There is a new addition to the south of town scene,"Fido's South"
and according to " Courtney" it is the hottest spot on the island.

Fido's is a fixture just North of the park (and next door to the Catholic church) for dinner, drinks and live music. It's a very large and fun place inside there is another restaurant upstairs and several art galleries.

We drove farther south to the lagoon for the ritual 4:30 Crocodile feed. (some folks say "cocodrile", oh, Ian...)
but first needed to run to the store to get a $9 frozen chicken!!

this lad does this every day

This little lady eats well!

Reluctantly I returned to my suite and, in fact, went down to Fido's for a lovely dinner. I sat on the porch, watched the sunset reflected in the clouds and the Guatamalan ladies selling their beautiful embroidered goods.

I guess I'll just wait to see what tomorrow brings....


moi said...

Woa. When I was there, we didn't get to feed no live alligators no frozen chickens. Bummer!

So sorry to hear about the construction crisis. That sucks MAJORLY! Did you get to use another pool? Did you find a quiet spot? Did you have the lobster at Fido's?

Huh, huh? I gotta know, 'cause I just can't get there from here.

Of course, I could always just pick up the phone and call you. Duh.

Wicked Thistle said...

On the up side, I saw NO orange barrels there! That's gotta count for sumpin'. Glad you managed to find some bliss up the beach a bit--I'm looking forward to pictures of the new digs.

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