15 November 2007

A new Lease on Life

The Cliff-Notes version of my story continues.

On Sunday morning I returned to my second favorite breakfast joint-"Lily's" and had a Belizean breakfast, complete with fry-jacks.

I did some reading and drank coffee and looked at the ocean-it was good to be back. After a while, I decided to wander the beachand see what the changes were this year. I may be imagining but it seems like the beach has receded about a foot and down near the park there is a large cement pier that has always housed a barge or two-it is empty now and the area of beach in front of Big Daddy's is cleaned up and planted with palm trees. It looks much nicer.

I returned to my suite and was disappointed to find that construction workers also work on Sundays. I went indoors to do some reading and my friend Kenrick came to visit.
He convinced me to take a tour
of Captain Morgan's-which was a resort 3 miles north of SanPedro and was showing off its new condos, I agreed and on Monday morning I was picked up by boat and whisked up to tour the new facilities, which were very impressive.

I took the tour,heard the presentation, had lunch and was boated back to my noisy city suite.

Tuesday morning, I returned to the resort asked
several questions and did some negotiating.

By noon, I was packing my suitcases and moving up to Captain Morgan's VacationBeach club.

A very happy decision.


A.Fanny said...

Great to see photos of your trip. Now I want to hear the silence!

Wicked Thistle said...

Soooooo beautiful! I can hear the sound of the waves right now. Belize, here we come!

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