17 December 2007

Overdrawn !

well, it appears to be Advent..one week from Christmas and I find myself Spiritually overdrawn. I should have been watching my account, didn't.

Clearly I've made far more withdrawals than deposits, which has me wringing my hands and despairing.
The tree is up, I'm blasting The Messiah, I've made a few presents, received a few cards...but I am not ready.

I have long ago avoided the "commercial" Christmas and tried to keep it simple-well, it's simple-not present.

While I lived in Wisconsin my Holiday always included Family, a ginormous annual Christmas is For Kids party, a church service and a trip to the convent chapel to share a really special service with the School Sisters of St Francis.

Since I moved to New Mexico, I have not created any real traditions and have traditionally had to work on Christmas Day so that staff with families could be at home. So this is the first year I will be home.

My plan -for the next few days is to focus on what the real meaning of this Holy celebration means to me.

"peace on earth~goodwill to man"


moi said...

You can't say it any more simply than that, amen. However, I have a feeling there are new traditions to come. What, with you being retired royalty and all.

Wicked Thistle said...

Love the overdrawn analogy--well said. And you know what? I second that emotion. ffgvrrrt (that was from Max--he, too, feels your Advent pain). Sounds like a great time in your life for new traditions. And I'm signing on, sister--count me in!

A.Fanny said...

Your photos certainly are a blessing, and the ornaments look real cute! Are they D.R. originals?

We also will be home for Christmas and have had to find new Holiday traditions. This year for Christmas Day my spouse arranged three movie screenings! One of them, "There Will Be Blood," actually has a rather timely spiritual theme: oil capitalism vs. religion! Though very violent, I recommend it. For a more joyful uplift try Enchanted, Lars and the Real Girl and Juno!

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