18 January 2008

RIP wabbit

Well, ultimately Señor Hassenpfeffer opted for the rice cake diet (a.k.a. Styrofoam) over the delightful salad bar, I generously placed in a live trap. I checked on him several times a day and encouraged him -heartily- to leave his Hidi hole behind the pool and avail himself of the open garage door-he stubbornly declined. On Wednesday morning, the standoff ended, sadly for him... or maybe gladly, who's to say. He's interred and the Aquatic Center is varmit free. I feel badly, but greatly relieved.

HRH continues to feel rather poorly and is convinced she is suffering from malaria... or dengue fever or leishmaniasis or some other malady, which has rendered her weak and pathetic. Daily swims help -- but only for a short time. She will be consulting her physician on Monday, because this is becoming tedious.

Last night I had the great good fortune of attending "Menopause, the Musical" very funny with some great song parodies-21 of them to be sure. The audience was 99% women who loved the production and sang along with familiar tunes. In the end, many were invited up on stage for the finale in a dance line. It was the most enjoyable time.

I continue to spend time following all the drivel from the mainstream media regarding the elections, and then spend time sorting the wheat from the chaff. I ran across an interesting report:

2006 Election: Business donations total $1,133,433,773 of which Democrats got $491,114,294 Republicans got $625,787,189 Labor $66,670,698 Grand Total spent in 2006: $1,580,110,253 Democrats spent $737,487,617 Republicans spent $818,599,117 Bottom line: 2004 Election cost $2billion to elect a President. Most of that money raised went to the Main Stream Media - They have turned our elections into a major business in which money changes hand from one pocket to the next. !!!!!!

I know it's naïve, but I had never thought about where all the election money was going, no wonder all the reporting is skewed. Lawsie mercy- where is the person supposed to go to get an objective report ? It's exhausting, so I have to go lie down and rest from all this frothing...


moi said...

See ya later, Mr. Bunny! Glad to hear you removed the offending resident from the Manor.

A.Fanny said...

I don't get how Senor Bunny died - from eating styrofoam?? You may still need to cover the wires cause what's to stop the next critter from taking his place - surely not the canine help!

Wicked Thistle said...

I am sad for Senor Bunny, but perhaps there's just a little tinge of survival of the smartest here? I dunno, but if I were faced with styrofoam vs. salad, I know what I'd pick. Goodbye, sweet wabbit.

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