05 February 2008

Mute Monday/Tuesday

these are Moon Magnets from e!

so, what do you think would be best for ebay?


trinity said...

I'd buy any one of them - particular fav, tho, would be the green necklace .... then the second little standup guy.

Beautiful work, YRH :>)

moi said...

Your jewelry is of course beautiful, but you know how much I love your little bird dudes. Those are truly, truly special.

Why not all of 'em? Did you scope out Etsy, too?

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, beddy, beddy nice indeed. I vote for *you* for prez! President of The Fun Stuff, that is. :-)

A.Fanny said...

Whimsical, indeed! I like the owlie and the irridescent square pin, is it? And the moon magnets.

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