06 March 2008

Snowy Mute ...Thursday

what a surprise! 6-12" sneaked up on me.
find the puppy in the bush...

where's my mountain??

ahhh, yes. Warm and dry and safe inside.


JennieBoo said...

What a fun post!

Thanks for sharing.


A.Fanny said...

Wow - I want some snow! Well, just for a day, cause it's lovely to see and it must be very quiet there!

Wicked Thistle said...

Tundra Dog reporting for duty!! It looks muy beautiful out there. We had a dozen or so flakes fall from the sky, more like dandruff than real snow. But still pretty and appreciated.

moi said...

Hey! Did you notice in that third photo, Tundra Dog and Miz Thang tromped out the shape of a heart!

Doris Rose said...

Welcome Jennieboo!
A.Watts-you gots pulenty of snow! I ken seeit from here!! unfortunately it's at you Summer-home.
WT-Tundra Dog is Always on duty
Moi-I didn'tsee the heart so it must have been meant for you...

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