27 March 2008

Something NEW

I know, I know-Bloggy remorse. I have been negligent Again. Oh well, retired folks are forgetful and easily distracted.

So here's the scoop blog buddies, I was reading the Huffington Post this morning and there was an article that Adobe Photoshop was making available a Beta version of Photoshop Express... for free! Well, you don't have to ask me twice. I have been wanting Photoshop, but it is prohibitively expensive. I have an older version of Photoshop elements which I use, but wanted more.
So, I immediately logged on and signed up (which took a little doing but it is indeed as they offer-a free chance to use a new Photoshop program.

It is very user-friendly and allows you to store up to 2 GB worth of pictures. So that's what I have been doing today and you can check out some of the results at: https://www.photoshop.com/user/macbeanadventures5.

I hope they will add more features because at this point, it has few features that Photoshop element does not have. But for those of you who may be interested in experimenting with Photoshop for no nothin', just go to http://Photoshop.com and sign up.

On the weather front, it's almost 70°(hallelujah) here with 25 to 35 mph winds. It's a little like having an Endless Pool out of doors. In order to swim, I need to swim against the current. In order to walk, I need to walk against the current-a mighty stiff one I might add. And the girls don't like it much either.

I am still juggling items between eBay and etsy with very limited success and few sales. It is a bit discouraging and I realize that there is a learning curve and I clearly haven't 'larnt what I am supposed to, so I will just keep trying.

Now I'm going back to my pictures-more later, bye.


moi said...

Cool. Thanks for the tip. I've been waiting to win the lottery before purchasing PhotoShop.

Enjoy your picture-in'!

moi said...

Dahlink, you been tagged. Go to Moi's Blob to find out the details.

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