03 July 2008

Birds and Blooms, oh my!

Yesterday we had another afternoon thunderstorm... ("Monsoon" season appears to be starting early) but this one *actually* contained RAIN! almost 2" fell on our parched prairie. It was glorious. ...and things are blooming. Baby birds and cactus blossoms, especially.
(try double clicking these photos for full effect)

These babies have been well trained by momma to sit very still when anything approaches.

And they do.The nest is about eye level and I was pretty close. Mr. and Mrs Bird were sitting nearby watching vigilantly.

The cactus blooms are the first color out here this year--and much appreciated.
I'm still not sure how living things survive without some source of water. Believe me when I tell you there is None. The 2" that fell will be forgotten by noon.
The good news is that the Big Spring fire has been contained. It destroyed 6 homes and 10 other structures and burned 5,478 acres.
Another big fire was the 4,980-acre West Fork Fire on Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch in northern New Mexico.
Since January there have been 729 fires destroying 317,109 acres.
Just some stats with your morning coffee.


A.Fanny said...

Baby birdie! SO CUTE!

Is the fire stat nation wide?

Doris Rose said...

a.fanny: no the stats are for NM, California has had the most damage.

moi said...

These cactus are blooming like crazy along Route 66 between Sedillo and Edgewood exits. PURDY! Thanks for sharing!

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