12 August 2008

Fantasy Land-North

This is the lovely cottage where we stayed--SlumberParty Central. A.Fanny's spousal unit ran away and hid from all the hormones... Our cook stove, where "the Great Waffle Experiment '08" took place

Square Top from the road to the pond.

En route to the "structure"

Walking the "Ranch" ---300+ acres of pristine wilderness, maintained lovingly for over 30 years to keep it's natural beauty.

Aspen Groves

The pond...

sigh. Absolute stillness.

Down the old road to the main site. Lots of deer and chippies

The Blanco Basin River at twilight.

The trip was too brief and yet filled with images and menories.


Orangeblossoms said...

oh.... oh. Exquisite.

Aunty Belle said...

SIGH...sigh....lovely, Rosie LAdy.

I hope mah invitation fer next year's slumber party is forthcomin'!!

Really lovely. Glad you had this time.

moi said...

Goodness gracious, that looks gorgeous! I'm surprised you even came home. What, with your good friends calling you chopped livah, and all :o). Smooches. You know I wuv you.

Wicked Thistle said...


Man, you were a photo-snapping machine out there! And here I thought you were lagging behind just so you could admire Bob's "structure!"

Doris Rose said...

OB: that is the perfect description

Aunty: without the cottage, I'm afraid the "slumber party" would be *camping* tent style.But who knows.

Moi: Every year it gets harder to come back, but I so miss my good friends...

WT: Good times, good friends 113 photos--not all appropriate for all ages.

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