04 August 2008

Happy Birthday Helen

Today Helen Thomas of the White House press corps turns 88!

I have always admired her fearless, spunky and direct questions of whichever president was reigning. I don't even know to which organization she reports-but, man she's got some chutzpah!

When asked what she might ask GWB (he never calls on her), she said,

"I would ask him how he could go to war without cause," she says, obviously at the ready with the question. "How could you go to war without provocation? Of course, that's why he doesn't call on me." And after the president evaded the question, what would be her followup?

"How could you? Don't you know what war is?" Nailed, Thomas style.

"The press is the last line of defense. If we don't ask the questions, this president could rule like a dictator. All presidents should be sassed. Who are they? We don't have to worship at their shrine. They're public officials. We pay them. They have to answer to us."

[Go Helen!]

And so, thank you, Helen. Thank you for being there for the American people.
Ah, that we could have Helen Thomas around until White Houses stop spinning the truth.
That way, we'd have her forever.

excerpt SteveYoung-Huffington Post


Wicked Thistle said...

I love that Helen! When will they let *her* moderate a presidential debate?!

moi said...

A fabulously uppity woman!

Jane said...

I totally LOVE her!

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