25 August 2008

Mock Mute Monday

Well class, today's topic will be "Wuppies"...
and Princess Poppy...

Lest there was any mistaking, these are my best buddies. smoooch.


Wicked Thistle said...

Oooooooh, those puppy pics just about did me in! I remember when Dalwhinnie was no bigger than a nickel and then later when Poppy showed up on the scene and stole her whole dang show.

Also, one of those girls ain't right. I'll leave it up to you to determine which one.

moi said...

So hard to believe Dalwhinnie was ever that small. I love that third to last photo: "Why yes, captain, I do believe we have eliminated all the rabbitsbunniessquirrelsrattlesnakesmetermaidsmailmen from the premises o' the manse. Time for a snack. Over and out."

Doris Rose said...

...now that you guys mention it...I don't think any of us is quite right, if you know what I mean. I think it's too much star light.

A.Fanny said...

I miss them girls! I don't care about the "ain't right" part either - seeing as she makes the rest of us feel ta home!

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