21 October 2008

41 or 63? sixty-THREE


Wicked Thistle said...

I KNOW! These are the benefits of having a personal trainer on staff. And a nanny to take care of the kids while you work out 5 hours a day. And a cook to prepare healthy meals for you. And an assistant to slap your hand every time you reach for the Velveeta.

They do look great, though. I 'speshly love Helen parading around in her bikini, that party girl.

Doris Rose said...

Trainer, Nanny, Cook, Assistant...do you mean to tell me THAT'S what I was supposed to do??

A.Fanny said...

A surgeon and an airbrush technician wouldn't hurt either!

moi said...

Holy crap, that's Helen Mirren? "S.B., get me my personal trainer! And no more Cheetos for the next five million years!"

P.S. She gots no chillrens, either. I'm jus' sayin' . . .

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