28 October 2008

Guess who came to dinner...

and is still here?

Wandered into the yard last evening, spent the night in the garage (on top of the pool cover) and still no word from his owner.

According to the vet...he's a 4-5 yo neutered Japanese Chin. who knew?

He has met the girls and all is well, but I don't want Three!

Lawsey Mercy.


A.Fanny said...

AWWWWWW! Keep him, keep him!

PS: Is he a yapper? Nose nipper?

Doris Rose said...

he's quiet, friendly, calm,and funny looking.Japenese Chin? I'll bring her over!

Wicked Thistle said...

Doris Rose, the dog whisperer. Word is out on the street--for treats and lovin', all dogs should look to the east until they find the lovely lady holding a glass of whiskey in one hand and a rawhide in the other. What a good heart you have, and what a sweeeeeeet little pup.

moi said...

Wow, he's not as fugly as I expected! And while you and I have already had the convo as to why these lil' tater tot sized pups are not our cup of tea, I'm feeling, strangely, like you, Our Lady of the Lost Dogs of the Prairie, may just have a new bud.

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