13 October 2008

Pilgrimage Part 1

Saturday-Arrival in Wilmette, Illinois. After living in the Hight desert for ten years, tree lined brick streets are more than a memory-a beautiful reminder of other times

The First Presbyterian Church is where my grandfather was pastor and my brother and I were baptised

Central school was just down the alley-less than a block from our house- where we attended grammar school and hung out at the playground in the summers and on weekends.
This was the house I grew up in-seems smaller now and the trees much taller.
This is the Wilmette Bowl which was in Gilson Park at the lake front( Lake Michigan).

This was a small area farther north called Plaza Del Lago where I had my first job at the snack counter of the Teatro Del lago.

The road tour ended as my friend Rick and I prepared for our reunion.


A.Fanny said...

Nostalgia-rama! When do we get to start drinking - and what will it be? Beer for old times sake or single malt to bring back to the present?

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, I LOVE this walk down memory lane! It's so fun to see the places I've heard you speak of--and I couldn't help imagining you sneaking out that bedroom window of the old house. Thanks so much for sharing your memories.

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