19 May 2009

Celtic Wonders and Amazonian Treasures

Sure'n this wasn't a trip to Scotland

...but it's as close as I can get in New Mexico.

The Rio Grande Celtic Festival held annually in Albuquerque, which features Highland Games competitions such as the Caber Toss, Sheaf Throw, and dog show and trials and Kilt wearin'!

(that puppy was IMMENSE)
The always wonderful High Desert Pipe and Drums
the sharin' of a pint or two....or three...
Shopping for Celtic wares...
The wearin' of strange and wonderful costumes (I think the Army camo was actually genuine).

The weather was perfect warm and breezy; the company was warm and fun and a lovely afternoon was had by all.
* * * * *

Then on Monday, I got a Delivery notice from the Post Office to go pick up a package from"Amazon". Huge mystery. When had I ordered something from Amazon and what was it and why could I not remember it???

My memory is better than average and this was quite puzzling (and more than a little worrying, was the this the first the first turn 'round the bend? gulp)

I brought the box home mystified, inside was a gift wrapped package that appeared to be a book. Great, a surprise book from someone-fabulous.

Ma No! Way More than Fabulous...
thousands of books!

My Family bought me a Kindle!! I have dreamed of one since they were first introduced. I have stalked them, read reviews, watched for the big balloon to burst...

Now, I actually had one sitting in front of me. It's adorable!
I plugged it in, registered it, went to the Kindle store and found some free stuff (Treasure Island, The NIV Bible and a murder mystery)

So my dear friends, I have everything I need...my pool, my Dell Mini, and now the Glorious Kindle. You may not hear from me for a very long time. (sighs contentedly)


moi said...

Holy schmoly, what an AWESOME birthday present! You'll have to let me know how you like it because I'm thinking of it for S.B. for Christmas. Enjoy!

A.Fanny said...

Have a wonderful time, Ms Cyber-nerd. We will miss you.

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