21 July 2009

The Wild Things of Scotland

I'm listening to some Celtic fiddle music and tapping my toes...made me think of the last MacBean Adventure to the wilds of Scotland, aaahh.

This is Spook Cow. (Maybe a wee dram is in order.)

This was our greeter

Wild wooly heiland cooos

Lucky thing there was a fence, this time.
No fences out here on the west coast.
yup, it's stuck in his lip.
Tour guide directing us to a great restaurant in Applecross.

Guess who has the right of way?
They actually started doing this when we stopped the car. Honest.

We stopped the car for every animal spotted, my poor brother.

(PS as Moi says, don't forget to clicky-clicky for great details)


~MAGILL~ said...

Yes POOR brother to share an adventure to the homeland with 3 wonderful ladies

moi said...

I love the moo cow in the middle of the road. "What, me move? Whatever FOR?"

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