19 September 2009

Fall and Funnies

too cute

Well, it's patently obvious that my blogging muse has left the building, because I can think of nothing to blither about. I am still writing most every day on my book(s), which started as one and is now three.

I am also hanging around (once a month) with some author types at an Albuquerque writers group and hoping to 'improve my craft'. They are very amusing and irreverent.

And...I am also preparing for for annual pilgrimage to Belize...all together "ahhh." Fall is tip toeing in slowly and that's when the beach starts calling. It will also be time for NaNoWrimo and where else would a budding writer go?

So, carry on..Keep the Faith, whatev's


moi said...

I feel fall nipping at my ass like a dog after a rabbit. I know it's inevitable and I do so love my sweaters and boots but, still. It's sad to see summer slip away like this . . .

Doris Rose said...

Fall quit tip toeing and slammed full on the past two nights.Eve with the changing seasons, we have sun.

A.Fanny said...

Well, I was gonna say your followers' comment muses were also on hiatus, but Moi is still in rare form. Maybe the chilly weather is an inspiration - spousal unit was pushed to get a manuer lode of work done when the blast hit the Rockies. Carry on, indeed!

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