27 October 2009

A Pictorial Review of October 2009

It was really dry until September rains so the Sunflower flurry was a little sparse...

Then there was Tosca, poor Mario... hell, poor Floria.
A couple of weeks later, Dr K took me to the the shooting range to teach me the fine art of shooting a powerful self defense weapon (as research for my books).
These are "cartridges" the smallest is probably a 22 caliber and the largest, maybe a 45 caliber or maybe the shot gun shell.

I had to use ear plugs because it was amazingly loud, even outdoors. You can tell how quickly I picked it up, my form was excellent. I Even hit the target most of the time. Yes, I can shoot with either hand.

I was using a Glock 19.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin'bout! You best not mess with Doris!
I loaded it, snapped that magazine back in there and ...

Now, there are also some might fine sunsets in the fall.

And on the 18th was the Duke City Marathon (Doris Rose doesn't run, she spectates and cheers her friensds loudly)
Then drives the 30 miles back to her secret Manor in the desert.

Three days later...Winter!
It gets sunny and warm and Jack Frost returns. Sunrise on the prairie. By mid afternoon, the snow was history.
Life in the High Desert is always changing, always Enchanting.
Next stop...Belize, for a week. Later, peeps.

Wednesday morning 32 degrees and snowing like curazy.
Temp dropped from 50 degrees at midnight. I'm gonna hafta get the Christmas tree ready!


A.Fanny said...

A beautiful update - love seeing your surroundings.

Brava on the target practice. Now maybe you can start defending your car from the chipmonks! But you'll probably need night goggles for that. Keep us posted!

moi said...

S.B. reports that you are indeed a mighty fine shot. You can be his back up any day. And of course, your cheer leading skills are unmatched. Still looking for that tee shirt. Or ball cap.

We'll miss you as you sun and surf. But our wacky weather will be here when you get back! Travel safely, mi amiga . . . and raise a few on the island por Moi.

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