04 January 2010

Blog to Books!

A tale ensues...
March 2007, quite accidentally I started a blog. I decided it might be an excellent way to waken my literary muse. I wanted to write( or as my good friend would say "I don't to write; I want to have written"). Well, I did want to write, and I thought if I actually did it on a fairly regular basis, I might develop the muscle.
It has come to pass that my plan succeeded. I wrote a bit, posted some pictures and kept at it. Then I plunged into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) in earnest. When I completed this year's program (in 25 days instead of 30) I was kicked intohigh production gear. I immediately finished the story I was working on prior to November. And now, I have actually completed five manuscripts.
Now what, you might ask?
I'll tell you. I joined three writers organizations and two on-line forums. I have just sent off three of my books to a friend willing to edit them and two others to another friend who will also work on them. Then I begged on-line for readers and sent two more copies off for critique.
I still need to put together a query letter, but I'm not there just yet. Soon. 2010 will be the year.
The bottom line is that I love to tell stories. Really. I always have but now I can rework them into what I really want to happen. My characters are joy to work for(I basically take dictation) and get really pissy when I'm gone for too long and ignore them.

So if you've been following or new to Prairie-Dise, thanks. My need to write everyday is still happening but not so much on the blog...but I'll still check in with progress notes.

All the Best for 2010!!


Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

I think I want to have written, too. Though I love my blog. And my furbabies. Happy to have found a kindred spirit!


Doris Rose said...

Thanks Susan, welcome to the prairie!

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