16 April 2007

tick, tock, tick, tock

my apple tree

12:10 a.m., 1:54 a.m., 2:58 a.m., 3:30 a.m., 4:15 a.m. and finally, 8:15 a.m.
This was my night, how was yours? (Maybe, not so different.)

It gave me plenty of time to think about the many elements of sleeping. I have a relatively new queen size box spring and mattress, a memory foam topper, some high thread count sheets-which are luscious and two very inexpensive blankets (which are washed frequently, because they collect dog hair). And my pillows are good, in fact, I would go so far as to say- I love my pillows.

Now most of the time, I sleep very well, I nod off within a few minutes and other than one trip, maybe two, to the bathroom, I sleep until I wake up in the morning, which is usually when the sun comes up. Last night, in addition to frequently waking up for no apparent reason, one or both of the dogs felt it necessary to jump off the bed barking- at least three times.

Somewhere in there, I got a little irritable. I used to be able to sleep on my back-a few deep breaths-very relaxing, can't do that now because my back hates it! Stomach is not too good either, so that leaves a Theme and Variations on 2 sides.That's all good til something gets numb or cold.

Normally, I just shift a bit and go back to sleep...but now, the minute I move I feel the Surge begin-usually around my head and neck and traveling incidiously throughout my nervous system, convincing my cells that I am actually "on fire'. (I soo totally get that analogy about the frog in boiling water.) There is hardly even time to get the covers off. The cold air washes over me-not fast enough-but it helps. Sometimes, I actually have to get up and walk around a bit. When I am finally cold, I get back in bed(which is still quite warm) and wait for ...the next one.

The hard thing for me is that when I awaken during the night, the only things that wanna be in my head are bad thoughts about poverty and overdue bills, and what will I do if... nonsense.

But alas, I'm awake and alert we've had our walk, and I echo the sentiments that Applegal put forth- Spring is arriving, albeit in small increments.
The air smells clean, and the earth smells new.

Speaking of the earth smells,
Poppy is bound and determined to bury her face in every gopher hole she can find and dig them vigorously until her face is packed with dirt. She apparently got a stomach full this morning, because she brought it home and deposited it on the kitchen floor and is not eating her breakfast yet. It is still a very beautiful day, anyway,(I also had to clean up the grass she deposited on the living room floor- ah, motherhood, ain't it grand) and a great day to open windows and clean. I'll just start slowly, by opening windows will see how the cleaning goes later.


Anonymous said...

the killer dog woke before dawn
she put her hunting boots on
and she stuffed her nose in a hole

Tundra Dog, I swear. Great photo of her, though!

As for the non sleepy sleep thing, I hear ya, girlfriend. I hope it is only a glitch in an otherwise restful week.

Wicked Thistle said...

Poop. Poop, poop, poop, poop, poop. That's what I think about not sleeping. And dog yak. And indiscriminately placed poop from any animal.

A. Fanny said...

I keep a copy of the New Yorker by my bed with a flashlite, so when I wake up with negative thoughts, I won't disturb my husband and can shift my mind to some obscure subject. The articles are usually so tedious that I'm back to sleep in no time!

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