18 April 2007


"Decludication" 1.the solitary and emotionally rending task of decludicating ones personal space, 2. the clinically detached "ditch and pitch" 3. sorting, storing, packaging, organizing, and mass quantities of trash-ing. 4. an inexplicably overwhelming task for the organizationally challenged.

It is not at all dissimilar to the process of losing weight-giving up things you love and vowing to never let it happen again. (Ha). In both cases, there seems to be a strong desire to hold on to something that may or may not have any use--in most cases, not. But there is also a strong emotional attachment for, whatever reason, to hold on or hoard, even if it is detrimental.

I can't speak for most folks, but I can tell you that most of the "stuff" that occupies the horizontal surfaces of my home is really important "Stuff". Take my living room; (somebody please take my living room,nyuk, nyuk).

My coffee table contains an assortment of magazines that are yet to be read-I subscribe to them because they contain important information that I will use in the future. I subscribe to Newsweek, Oprah, The Nation, Food and Wine, AARP, and Entertainment Weekly. That about covers it all.

Now, in my defense, I get through Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly every week. I also manage to get through most of The Nation, AARP and part of Oprah monthly, Food and Wine may end up in the bathroom- where it gets an adequate amount of attention. So the only ones I feel comfortable about recycling are the ones I finish every week.

My CD, DVD racks are overflowing, but I don't know where to put another rack, and I don't have one. My decorative bookshelves, contain books and many wonderful artifacts, but I also have books shoved all around the book case.

I have magazine racks filled, in addition to some lovely decorative boxes, filled. But for some reason I feel I need these all at my fingertips in case I need to locate a magazine article or recipe (while I might remember which magazine, I certainly won't remember which issue,hmmm.)
There are also 2 small tables which hold crafting projects-one for knitting, one for jewelry making.
My decorative table is jammed with completed craft items-because I have no real shelving in my craft room to put finished items. The craft room, sadly, has become the repository for things that I don't want in any other room.
Oh, and my guest closet is unusable because it contains boxes of books and Christmas decorations and a couple of electronic items, which work but have been replaced.

Well okay, by simply writing this down, I have identified one problem-I do not have adequate storage for the things that I have.While I've purchased numerous Rubbermaid, plastic containers-I have no place to put them. NO, we can't even talk about my garage.

Interestingly,whenever I have taken the time to decludicate one small area, I'm always amazed because it takes less time than I thought it would. And I feel quite proud of myself and vow to have a go at another project as soon as possible; so it is not the actual work, it's the paralysis of starting. Of course, it also provides wonderful fodder for me to beat the crap out of myself for being a lazy bum.

And now that I'm joyfully retired, I have less than no excuses for not completing these tasks. But as a retired friend recently told me, the first year is spent with a lot of "should's".
And besides, I have a novel I should be editing !


Moi: said...

dahlink, i do believe you have identified the word of the year. decludication. love it.

hey, you could always trade out magazines. i offer up my national geographic adventure and martha stewart for your entertainment tonight and oprah.

Wicked Thistle said...

i love this blog. it makes me feel better for all the stuff i know i should do but just don't get off my as to do...like cleaning my bathrooms, which right now are REALLY in need. i always find it much easier to tackle other people's stuff, so maybe we should form a team of superhero chicks, go to each others' houses, and use our superpowers to decludicate!

~MAGILL~ said...

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