26 April 2007


It is not here yet.
I have been tracking the arrival of my new camera from Amazon, and much to my surprise, it is not here. DHL has a great program, where they receive delivery of say... a little 3 pound camera package at the Fresno, California station from Fernley,(Fernley?, photograhic hub of the USA??) NV on 4/ 19 send it to another California station, wait three days, send it to Phoenix, Arizona, send it to another place in Phoenix, Arizona, and finally it arrives in Albuquerque and shipped out for delivery at 7:01 a.m. and so I wait all day for it.
Then I read today, that it was delivered to the USPS... in Albuquerque. At 1:35 p.m. Well, dadgummit! If they had just thrown that damn little package in the US mail on April 19 from Nevada, I would have had it a week ago.
So presumably, (and I could be so wrong) it would have been sent to the Edgewood Post Office last night, and delivered to my mailbox today. In a little while, I will go check and if it is not there, I will cry great big *crocodile* tears.
This is what they call "super saver shipping", ha! I should have paid the five or six bucks and had it in two days.
Now, it's not that I need it, I have no pressing engagement that requires a new camera. Hell, I have no engagements at all., My camera works just fine, but-- as It says in Revelations 5, 12-14 "I want, what I want, when I want it." I'm retired, and I no longer wish to indulge in delayed gratification.
So, I'm not going to write another thing until I have my new camera. Well, at least not today. Maybe. I'm leaving for my post box now-- which, by the way, I found out yesterday was going to be moved! They don't know where. They're hoping somebody will "volunteer" some land that has "easy access and good drainage". If not my only choice will be renting a P.O. Box. Phooey. I'm going to turn in all my postage stamps and not accept mail.All business must be done by e-mail. Phooey. Damn government.

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trinity said...

Since you haven't yet updated this, I assume your new toy arrived, and you've been busy playing with it! I'll look for some "output" soon?

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