28 April 2007


I guess my Friday blog is late, or my Saturday blog is very early.
At any rate, it is for 4:12 a.m. and since I couldn't sleep I thought I would make good use of my time, and file a late report on the birthday party.(Besides, I just knew Ree would beat me to it)

Thursday was glorious day-the first day that my heat did not go on, so I guess, spring is really here. (It must be, because at this hour of dawn is actually 50°.)
Several of the COWW sisters gathered to enjoy cupcakes-- prepared at the legendary AppleGal Cupcake Emporium. It should be noted that,per tradition, there should be cheese, and maybe some nachos, and of course Wine. We enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine until it was cupcake time-complete with candles.

There was the obligatory some girls news reports related to losing weight, gaining weight, tight pants, loose pants and boys. I looked around at my fortysomething friends, realizing I had nothing much to add to that conversation and feeling a bit fat-frumpy-old and wondering what these youngsters found so endearing to include me--then I bent over to pick up my glasses and ripped the seat out of my pants. I don't mean tore the seam, I mean, ripped the seat out! Amazing.
It was a little bit like my faux-paux Belize. "This water feels so good I could just lie down." Bang. I started thinking about tight pants and Bang. And doesn't everybody want a friend, who will split their pants on command.


Moi said...

Life would not be half as interesting if all our friends looked the same, acted the same, and were the same age. Variety is the spice of life and I for one am thankful for your spice.

Wicked Thistle said...

Ditto. We all look the same on the inside, anyway--ooky, with lots of slimy parts and venous superhighways. Except for my friend Barbara, who found out during an emergency appendectomy that all of her organs are reversed. Now her, she's just weird.

But you, you a sassy girl, even in your torn pants!

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