29 April 2007

Sunday by the Beads

Here's the news from the crafty minx... I have been given a commission to create artwork for teachers, and that, is what I am doing. Beads, beads, beads. I worked yesterday until my eyes were unfocused, or nearly so.
Friday, they were having a sale at Thunderbird and I found some wonderful glass beads. I'm working on a summer theme, and I'm trying to create every day wear that can be worn with any outfit-- in the pool, in the shower, or out to dinner. Shorts and sandals, jeans and heels- whatever. My work is comfortable, casual,contremporary and not especially twee. I'm even experimenting with magnetic findings. It's great fun, and this afternoon I'm going to go join Msprint, for some jocular crafting.
I started wire wrapping and jewelry making, 10 years ago to give my left-sided nurse brain a rest and let my right-sided artist brain work. It helped to reduce stress and unwind and then became an obsession, well not really. I go through fits and spurts where I wanna do it all the time and then I ignore it for months. I guess I'm in a spurt phase, but hey, I'm a retired lady and I can do what I wanna do.
During the winter it was knitting, which I haven't totally abandoned, I just have something new to play with-that is, in addition to my new camera. (Boy, do I need a lot of entertainment.)
On a happy note, my brother, Bonnie Joe MacBean has returned from a blissful vacation in CancĂșn with only a minor sunburn, and some wonderful stories about the luxury resort he stayed in, while being pampered. After this adventure, I'm sure he will be greatly disappointed by my peasant dwelling in Belize, ah well.
So that's all I have for now, my friends, plus a picture of my work.

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