04 April 2007

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Amazing what nights sleep will do... except the part between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m..

Today's thoughts turn to yet another interesting topic, one that might also be considered part of the "Axis of Evil."-you guessed it, I'm talking about Television.
And to avoid any great suspense, I would like to make it known to all and sundry-I like television, I watch television, and I think some of the big-screen TVs and gimicry are pretty darn cool (but no. I do not have one).

That being said, seems to me that the common response that I most often hear regarding television is denial. At social gatherings or casual conversations, I often hear "Oh, I never watch TV, I am much too busy with... reading, work, childcare, housework, going to do theater." Blah blah blah. And this is what I know to be true; as a homecare nurse for seven years, I do not remember ever, going into home that did not have a TV (and often a gibumbus big-screen). And in most cases, the TV was turned on- I had to ask to have it turned off in order to talk to the patient. [Economic status had no bearing on the size of the television. ]

The point is this: for some reason, people feel they need to be ashamed of watching television. They spend hundreds of dollars supporting sponsors of the television shows and buying the products, including TiVo, DVD players, cable, satellite and theater sound packages. There's a whole industry, which has been developed called home entertainment, and the keystone of that is usually the television set. So why, when confronted with that reality do we suddenly become Simon Peter denying all knowledge of the subject? I don't know, but I would like to make a stand and say. I like my TV. And I like my TV time.

I have a theatrical background, and enjoy make-believe.(no surprise there) I look forward to spending a couple of hours with some of my favorite characters and following their stories. There are some really interesting shows on cable that I discover on a regular basis (I have yet to see every channel that is availble to me). And, of course, there are movies. I would be remiss to not mention current events and news (who's set were you watching on 9-11?).

Okay, so here's the rundown of shows I like (I know this is important to you) House, 24, Ugly Betty, NCIS, The Unit, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Extreme Makeover Home Edition+Oprah (I love to start my week with a good cry), Brothers and Sisters. I also enjoy Animal Planet, TLC, TCM, AMC, Bravo, The History Channel, National Geographic, CNN, PBS, and movies.

I used to try to justify spending my time this way, after all it's $$ --by trying to do projects (knitting, jewelry making, crafting, sorting laundry)-and I still do those things. But bottom line, I like my wind-down time, I like letting my brain go to some fantasy, unrelated to my *Real* life. And then I can push a button and turn it off. Escapism! Excellent point, why not? There is actually a fair amount of information and trivia that can be derived (who knew there were so many kinds of sharks, and that Western Diamondback Rattle Snake-clever) and- like my friend Rena- I like to know what the celebs are doing (well, except for Anna Nicole, yak).

As my friend Bob likes to say "the reason I like you guys so much, is that you're both Deep and Shallow" that's me, Shallow Sal.

Today. tomorrow could be more sturm un drang.

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Moi: said...

I heart television. These days, I'm all about "'merican Idol" (although he's cute as a button, bearing a striking resemblance to my first husband, Sanjaya need to be GONE already!), "The Riches," and "Bones" ("It's a soft science.") I am also currently trying to figure out how to get Showtime without sacrificing channels or paying more so that I can watch "Dexter" and "The Tudors."

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