31 May 2007

another sunset... or Peace On

There were so many topics yammering for attention within my cranium today. All of them wanted equal time on the blog. I wanted to spend some time writing about the staff sergeant whom I sponsor in Afghanistan, because she has sent some pictures and some information that you may enjoy. I think I will hold on for a little while.

I may have mentioned before, that one of my favorite blog sites is http://rosie.com and she has long been a favorite of mine. She's a great performer and a very generous individual, who I believe to be honest to the core of her being and one of the few people on television, who actually speaks truth to power.

As you may or may not know, her one-year contract with The View expires in June and they were unable to agree on terms to keep her. Her presence has increased the ratings significantly and-- therefore, their advertising dollars. Anyway, she has had a long running disagreement with one of the other panel members- -Elizabeth Hasselbeck --a diehard Republican Bush lover. They frequently have had heated discussions in the past and last Wednesday, it became a real donnybrook between the two of them and to many viewers; it appeared that Rosie had been set up.

Because she had only three weeks left on her contract she asked to be released and ABC granted were request. There has been in mountain of coverage, both print and television, which I am sure would be better directed toward the casualties in the Middle East-- and I think she would agree. Today she posted an article from Huffington post by:
AMANDA GUINZBURG http://www.rosie.com/blog/2007/05/30/amanda-guinzburg

I would strongly urge anyone with interest to read-- what I consider--an extremely well written article in Rosie's defense. (After the article, watch the video which precedes it.)

I have been reading her blog for some time, as well as watching a video segment with two of her staff/friends--one of whom, she has been friends with for over 20 years. Their 15 minute morning blogs before the show were wonderfully entertaining and give a far better insight into Rosie O'Donnell than most of the TV soundbites (including those by Donald Trump, a.k.a. Dump truck).

I'm saddened that this has happened and will rest comfortably knowing that she will be back with another show as -clearly, she is a ratings getter. And I for one will be glad when Don Quixote is back, tilting at windmills in search of the impossible dream.


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