30 May 2007

Gorilla photography

A new toy! My brother sent me a Gorrilla tripod (I can't exactly describe it so I will include a picture). Best of all, it has bendable legs, which can be positioned at any angle, including wrapping around a branch or pole. It is a very interesting tool and has increased my ability to shoot pictures and hard to reach areas or to stabilize for telephoto shots.
One of the wonderful advantages of digital photography is the ability to go out and take 20 or 30 pictures, bring them back for viewing, and readjust light or angle to do it again.
I'm learning more about light and shadow, and have had to darken most of my outdoor shots because they appear to be washed out. It must have to do with the high altitude/thin air/clarity-thingy. It would be so much easier if I would just go take a class--but Idawanna, I'm enjoying the adventure.
So, thank you Bonnie Joe.

My new spring cleaning adventure has been so exciting that I found myself up, moving books at
6 a.m. what!? That's right, Her Royal Highness was up and about moving books very early. We then had a lovely long walk, I got a nice letter off to my "troop" in Afghanistan,vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, did laundry, finished a necklace and ankle bracelet... and all that without a nap.

I'm gonna put my dainty little feet up....right after I walk the dogs and feed them. Ahh, retirement...

1 comment:

Wicked Thistle said...

Girlfriend, no *wonder* you've been nominated for best photography blog! Those pictures are fabulous and I'm all a'twitter about what you can do with your new gorilla thangy. Keep 'em coming!

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