18 May 2007

burfday party

Late entry--on accounta I was hangin' with my homies for some beer and pizza and...a Kaluha Chocolate frosted spice cake w rasberry filling, mmmm, nummy. We settled some mighty big issues, most important-what we think ought to be done to manage incarerated criminals. I think we should be in charge!

First no more computertime, e-mails, phone priveledges, Nautilus body building, TV, i-pods...no siree. these folks need to earn their keep, yup. Get some damn work done. Earn their keep. Start by maintaining the roads, clean up trash, forest service cleanup. Maintenence work for the military, Hell, they could be looking for IEDs! I'm sure there are other tasks we could find.

There was some discussion of the fine care being provided to the multitudes ( in Florida people have been arrested for feeding the homeless , true).

Anyway, a good time was had by all- and I am grateful for such good friends.


Moi said...

Happy, happy pre birthday to ya! I love the opportunity to bake and to celebrate. Good times! More soon!

A.Fanny said...

Many happy returns to the MacBean! I thought of her fondly the other nite whilst watching the Merry Widow - and remembered, once again, playing 2 drunken sluts upstage of the action in the chorus of a production of same in the late 60's! Here's to many more birthdays and hilarious times!

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