19 May 2007

Today was an Adventure Day. We started with in exciting walk in the prairie looking for new flowers. It looks so different than it did two months ago, or even one month ago. Grass is going almost everywhere, and cacti that looked to be dying seem to have found new life. We came back for a little breakfast, and for me and change of clothes.
The girls were left guarding the house while I took off for town. I had been hoping to attend the Río Grande Valley Celtic games, and the weather was perfect. They have found a new location at the Balloon Fiesta Park, which is oh so much nicer than the vacant lot we went to a couple of years ago. For a long time it was held at the Menual school, but that seems to have changed. It was nice there because there were a lot of trees and shade, but it was a very small area.
The new venue is lovely-- its huge and grassy, with plenty of parking. It's actually larger than where the games are held in Rio Rancho- with more accommodations for people. There were many new vendors and several old favorites. Not much by way of food vending, but a very large tent provided by Guinness, which I am sure, contained food. There was several pipe bands, and I arrived in time for the grand opening ceremony- pipes, prayers and speeches.
And for a little excitement, a woman near me collapsed so I joined with EMTs and paramedics trying to figure out what was wrong with her-we finally opted for an ambulance, so that she could receive a little better care than lying in a grassy field.
After that, I needed to go shopping. I met a lovely new author and bought one of her books, a few gifts for friends, chatted with several crafters and watched the piper's pipe. After two hours is standing, I was ready to leave. It was well-organized, and it seems that the Río Grande folks have gotten their act together-well done. Perfect weather.
From there, I decided I had time to treat myself to a movie so I drove down to Four Hills (after a brief stop at Pet Smart for a new leash and collar for Princess Dalwhinnie), I saw "Georgia Rule" and really enjoyed it, interesting storyline, and some fine acting. Lindsay Lohan has some acting chops or she really is a bit of a slut. Jane Fonda was excellent and reminded me of her father in Golden Pond. And the popcorn was good.
Just as I left the theater, it began to cloud up, and when I hit the canyon, the rain started. I beat the storm home and had a chance to walk the dogs before it caught up with us, we are now enjoying a gentle soaking rain-- and I'm going to go put my feet up.


A.Fanny said...

I enjoyed being taken along for your day. Speaking of going to movies alone (does it take some courage?), I just watched Nosferatu on google right here in my pj's! Just type in the name and you can watch the whole 1922 film if you have the 84 minutes! It is a study in mugging and "indicating" - that no-no for modern "method" actors - wonderful!

Moi said...

I love going to movies alone. In fact, you have inspired me! Now that I have a lull in my work, I think I'll take a day for myself sometime in the next couple weeks and go to one all by myself. Minus the popcorn, though. &^%$# braces! Glad to hear you enjoyed!

~MAGILL~ said...

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bnmom said...

Happy Days to you! It's so nice to read how you enjoy life at a pace I only dream about. One day . . . when I'm done climbing and falling I'll find space.

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