22 May 2007

excuses, excuses...

Absent as recorded. I guess I took some time off for good behavior and, well..., procrastinated ...and... I didn't wanna do it.

Besides, yesterday was dedicated to taking care of my pooches-they got to go see their doctor and have their heartworm tests (which you will be happy to know were both negative) and she said that they both looked healthy and well loved. As reward for being so good, they got to go to the dog park, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They were not many dogs, so they get bored quickly, and I treated them to a trip to Sam's Club to get gas-none of us enjoyed that. I picked up supper, and we came home and all three of us were exhausted.
fast forward------------

Today I received an e-mail response from my "troop" Cynthia. I received the assignment from the web site I mentioned a few days ago-- www.troopcarepackage.com
and I e-mailed her. She responded very quickly and said she was on her second tour with the Air Force in Kabul, Afghanistan. She also mentioned that she had served at Holoman Air Force Base. So this afternoon, while doing my errands in Edgewood, I picked up a bunch of snacks, which I will send off tomorrow. I only have to mail them to New York, and they will ship them off to Afghanistan. It will be interesting to see how quickly the package arrives.
Strange to think that there's somebody halfway around the world, reading my e-mail... and answering it. It's kind of a good feeling, supporting one of our service members. I don't know how much support--"snacks" are-- but I'm glad to be able to do something.
So that's what's new in Edgewood. We had a beautiful sunny- a windy day. Not a good day for taking pictures of delicate little flowers (they don't hold still.) I need to get ready for the first craft show of the season at Moriarty school. More news and notes when I have more news, meanwhile, check out my brothers blog for a lovely tribute to his older sister (that, of course, would be me).


Moi said...

Aw, such a nice photo of Miz Thang and Tundra Dog. Glad to hear they are both happy and healthy. Your troop mission sounds both fun and worthy. I for one would consider snacks of any kind as supportive. I'm sure your recipient will as well. Hope all goes well.

A.Fanny said...

Those doggies are up early looking east into the morning sun, am I right? I wonder what they are looking at?

Very nice that you have adopted Cynthia. Let her know your blog partners are thinking of her too!

Wicked Thistle said...

I love that you're doing the troop thang, and I share your confusion about how one person constitutes a "troop." Weird, man, but then so many things are. You're inspirational yet again, my dear.

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