14 May 2007

photo art

I spent my day sorting, arranging, cropping and toning pictures and snapshots. I wandered through, at least, 20years of history. I am exhausted. The best pictures were of my niece and nephew as babies...
Anyway, for today, I want to showcase some of my doctored NM photos. For scenic pictures, there's no place like new Mexico.

Many times I could just add more light/dark or contrast and it adds an completely different flavor.

My friend calls these--"ghost trees" oooo

and after my encounter with a bull snake, I had to pause for some pretty flowers...
Never fear...tomorrow may be the saga of the ..."LeapingLizards!!!"

1 comment:

Moi said...

oooh, so pretty! Love the first one of the Sandia's. Last photo: those are Chrysactinia mexicana Damianita, often confused with the common desert marigold or daisy.

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