13 May 2007

Mother's Day

This is a Mother's Day photo montage to my mother, Margaret Louise-- born January 29, 1913, died October 22, 1968. She was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but spent most of her life in Rockford, Illinois.

Her mom was divorced, and at an early age, took her son, Jack to California, leaving her daughter Margaret, with her sister Marie in Rockford where she grew up caring for her two younger cousins.

She attended Rockford College and went on to work at Martha Weathered on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. She met and married James Magill and had two children. She adored children and started a home nursery school after remodeling the dining room and playroom of their home. In addition, she spent time as a Sunday school teacher and a brownie troop leader

I remember Mama, as selfless,
loving and fiercely proud of her children. She got barely passing grades for discipline-which was fine with me. I remember once being hit --by my perfect brother-- in the face with a stick and yelling "Hell." My mother rushed out the backdoor, grabbed me by the collar, dragged me into the guest bathroom and stuck a bar of soap in my mouth, admonishing me about cursing (if she could see me now-cringe). I took the bar of soap out of my mouth wondering what in the world had possessed her, and didn't quite make the connection.

My mom was a lady, gentle and soft-spoken, loving and kind-and she probably should've whupped our asses a lot more often. But, that's not who she was.She was a good friend and had many, she was generous and loved being with people.

She's been gone almost 40 years and I think I miss her even more as an adult.There are so many things I would like to know that I never took the time to ask. We always think we have forever.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.


Wicked Thistle said...

What a wonderful way to pay homage to your mother! She had quite a life, but I bet what made her the happiest was being mom to you & John. It's nice to know her a little better now.

Moi said...

What a lovely tribute!

A.Fanny said...

Lovely, indeed. I remember her as sweet, very pretty and fun to be around.

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