29 May 2007

Summer is Here!

It is an absolutely splendid day out on the Prairie-the birds are singing, the wind is blowing, and the Yucca are blooming... and because of that, the ladybugs have appeared. I have been waiting for those giant pokey phallic looking things which started shooting out of the Yucca to do something and finally they have. I was beginning to worry that my Yucca were looking a little brownish and might be suffering. Mai non, they would just saving up to bloom. I think ladybugs are good luck and if that's the case, I have a lot of luck in my yard.

We were out walking early this morning, so that I could get back to my books. Yesterday we put up 11 bookshelves and three shelves in the craft room. It really went amazingly fast-about 3 1/2 hours and it looks great. I also sent away a truckload of recycling, which felt great.

So, this morning, I moved books from all corners of my house into the guest rooms/library. I am absolutely inspired by my hard work.

There are a few more boxes to remove the guest room closet, which are primarily papers that I have carted across the country for God only knows what reason. Since I've retired, I realize I don't need documentation or proof of what I was doing all those years. Nope, throw it out.

The craft room will be next. With the new shelves, I will be able to keep more than one project available, and within arms reach. Even better, I will have a clean surface on which to work.

I am very excited. And I think it will stop so that I can go vacuum (I can't believe I just said that). Enjoy the photos, since I have been nominated for photography. I feel obligated to post more photos-- heaven knows I have plenty to post, might even do a travelogue...

and don't forget to vote.


Moi said...

I commend your organizational verve! Awesome, you must feel so tidied up! Oh, and I voted - congrats!

Wicked Thistle said...

I think those are my ladybugs. They ate the aphids off my plants and next thing I know, off they've flown to greener pastures.

Tell them I know where they are. Tell them I'm watching...

Orangeblossoms said...

Gorgeous photography here. Just beautiful. I love the ladybug pic. One of my parishioners would insist on calling them lady bird beetles, because that's their proper name!

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