11 May 2007


Hallooo little Bloggies,
this will be a short, late entry because we went into town to errands and play at the dog park.

We've had a beautiful, warm sunny and stormy day-- perfect. (We still have high pressure, so I am just fine). What I noticed this morning on our walk, thatpart of my attraction to the prairie in the spring, is little hidden treasures that one can't necessarily see when driving by in a car.
There is no flower-bed-sense of spring, but more of a random, brave outcropping of tiny flowers in a very inhospitable environment.
And it seems that every year there are different flowers that bloom in different places. When I look out the window, I don't necessarily see these tiny miracles--it just looks like some dried yellow grass, with occasional green sprouts here and there. And, of course, the requisite tumbling Tumbleweed.
But on our walks, I am constantly amazed- and this has been happening pretty consistently for the last seven years. And as they say, "a picture, is worth a thousand words." And aren't you glad I use pictures?


bnmom said...

Your pictures are stunning - and if I had more vocabulary to describe your photographer's eye, I would use it. I simply love your pictures. I'm envisioning a gallery. . .

Moi said...

Weird, it didn't post the first time. So I'll try again. Forgive if it doubles!

The first photo is Linnum pratense or blue flax. A prairie-loving flower, grows from Canada down to Georgia and then westward to eastern New Mexico, or Doris Rose's doorstep.

Second photo is Castilleja minata (etc. – lots of varieties of this), or Indian paintbrush. One of the most common desert flowers it blooms from April to August. Also comes in yellow, pink, and purple. Huh, that would be something to see – purple!

Last photo is a fabulous sunset! I'm envisioning a gallery as well . . .

Doris Rose said...

thanks, amigas!

Natalie Dessay rehearsing in Santa Fe 2008

Sempre libra Millenium park 2008

La Sonnambula Finale

Dessay in Santa Fe