09 May 2007

a Wednesday quickie

Today is an absolutely splendid New Mexico Day, 68° northwest breeze-- it's all good. Sadly, I was devoting myself to editing for much of today. But I did get in a couple of quality walks with the girls, and you know how much I enjoy dog-butt watching. My pending novel needs a little tweaking--well, probably more than a little--at the beginning and end; my beta reader in California has encouraged me to add a little more description, so now this poor thing will be about 600 pages.
At least I feel like I've had enough distance, that I can read a little more critically, last time I tried this, I couldn't do anything because I just thought it was such a good story that I didn't want to change it. Now, I think I'm a little more critical. And I think it has to do with blogging, can't tell you why.
I am still enchanted, with the process of putting words on paper, and expressing thoughts through this interesting medium. Each day, I add to my list of blogs that I read and have thoroughly enjoyed the different perspectives. Today I read one by an atheist and one by a minister, both very thoughtful.
I always feel that I don't really have anything "important" to say and I'm sure everyone else feels exactly the same way ,but I do it anyway. After all, nobody has to read it and those that do get it for free.
Of interest to those who enjoy photos, I added another one to yesterday's blog. It was a picture I found of my brother and I when we were just wee tiny knuckleheads.
So I'm off to my knitting needles and my bead working, because I have my first show a week from Friday. Here is a sample or two for those who cannot attend.


Moi said...

Oh, yes, you have the Novel to work on as well! And all that jewelry. Not only do you have important things to say, you have important things to SHOW. How I envy you crafty folk!

One of the hardest things about writing is letting go of what I call the "precious bits." The stuff that you are attached to for one reason or another but which really doesn't serve the story. But believe me, in the end, letting go of those words can make the story even better.

Oh, and I love the new blog look. Nice . . .

Wicked Thistle said...

a) LOVE the pics of your crafts and can't wait for your show

2) i *totally* admire how you're staying focused on your novel. it's probably what separates the real writers from the wanna-bes

III) you're a wit! a wit, i say!

A.Fanny said...

Don't blame innocent people from California for your run-on novel!

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