08 May 2007

The good old Days

In keeping with a familial theme, I'm going to wander down memory lane again, but this time I'm going to talk about my folks.
James Fulton Magill was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
of the Right Reverend George P. and his lovely wife Olive.
Margaret Louise was born in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, of Susan and Thomas-I think, never met my maternal grand father. From stories I heard, Jim and Peggy are both into the party scene; Jim enjoyed riding his horse and flying airplanes; Peggy was involved in Chicago nightlife and skiing. They met through some mutual friends and married in 1943.
They started married life in a small apartment in Wilmette, while waiting-(for some reason) to move into the house, which Jim owned, next-door to his parents.

In the intervening year or so conceived their beautiful little girl, Jeanne Barrett, who was born on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a month of May, 1945. Shortly after that, they moved into the large, beautiful old house. Then two years later, John Fulton was born. (That's the story I got, I'm still not certain there wasn't some sort of adoption involved).

Unfortunately, there are very few photos of the entire family, obviously, because somebody had to be the photographer. I have this one

photograph that was taken on Easter Sunday, at a liquor store, on our way to Aunt Pauline's for dinner, and fudge (the only reason my brother and I wanted to go, that, and the fact that Uncle Charlie had left a beautiful collection of brass elephant's with which we played on every visit, while the adults enjoyed their "cocktails." At least that's my memory.
I'm guessing we were about 10 and 12 years of age, you must submit those were some mighty snappy outfits. If I recall correctly, my suit was a lavender tweed-looked stunning with my Auburn hair( and braces). I may have even been wearing the white socks, with sporty patent leather Mary Jane's. I think we all look pretty dorky, and again, that was the late 50s.

So, I will close the story with a picture from my 50th birthday party, here we are, two dorky kids, all grown up. Thanks for joining me in my trip down memory lane, I thought I should write down some of these memories, while I still have them, thank you Lord.


A.Fanny said...

Your mom's hat is a stunner - as was she! Question: what did you actually do with the elephants?

Wicked Thistle said...

I love the fact that one of your few family photos was taken in front of a liquor store. I'm not sure why, and I'm sure it denotes something seriously undone about me, but there's something so very real about that. I love the family lore, I can tell it's coming from your heart. How does it feel to reminisce??

Moi said...

Love this post! I'm an avid fan of family photos – others as well as my own – because you can puzzle out so much fascinating stuff about who we are and were from them. And, tres chic suit, Doris Rose! Lavender tweed . . . solid choice.

~MAGILL~ said...

I request that all future blogs not share pictures of me without written permission from my sister who makes all decisions for her little brother's best interest

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