02 June 2007

...and Fauna

...and the Lord God made them all. Amen


Moi said...

I really like that photo of Dalwhinnie. You are developing quite the eye. And is that snake a permanent resident? That's awesome that you see him all the time. I have only seen one bull snake this year. Boo.

Wicked Thistle said...

Mmm, mm, mmm, that snake...you should do something with that photo.

Dizzy said...

Oh My! Lov-I-ly, very Lovely. Don't Stop!

A.Fanny said...

I like your insect photos. In Chicago we saw the cicadas! Bob saw thousands of them crawling all over huge stands of CANADA THISTLE in the forest preserve! Yes, that lovely plant is everywhere, I now see. I wanted to photo them - they have big red eyes and delicate wings - but it started to rain and they all hid. Now we have to wait for 17 more years!

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